Αρχοντικό κεφαλάρι

Kefalari - Ορεινή Κορινθία Αρχοντικό Κεφαλάρι, διαμονή, ξενώνες, ξενοδοχεία

Deep in the lands of the Zireia Mountain, just up from the Korinthian Gulf’s blue waters, next to Stymfalia lake, in between vineyards, lush green lands and snowy mountain tops, our guest house rests in the historic village.

The village Kefalari is located in Mountainous Korinthia at 800 km altitude. It is 130 km outside of the city of Athens and the city of Patras and it is 25 km of Kiato.

The village Kefalari in Mountainous Korinthia is located at the foot of the Mountain Zireia – Killini, the place of birth of ancient Greek God Hermes. Kefalari is otherwise known as Ntousia (a name found in literature since 1388) and was until 1940 one of the biggest villages of Mountainous Korinthia with 1200 residents.

A well known destination for many, but particularly loved and appreciated by those who love nature, a relaxed environment, and local traditions. In the centre of the village, there is a beautiful central square under the shade of a perennial tree famous in the area for its age – 130 years. Next to the square you can find a hand crafted stone church of Ag. Dimitrios and our traditional guest house Archontiko Kefalari.

On the south side of the square the centuries-old stone built spring can cool you down with its crystal clear water. If you chose to go down towards the village you shall see the old stone built school and further out of the village the spring after which the village was named. The residents of the village are unique for their hospitality.

From Kefalari there are two specially designated scenic paths for you to walk. The first one starts from the guest house of the Environmental Association and reaches to the top of Small Zireia Mountain (2.086 m height), whilst the second one starts from our guest house and ends up at The Great Cave. If you love hiking you can even reach the gorge of Flampouritsa and the Cave of Hermes. If you wish to travel by a 4×4 vehicle, there is an interesting scenic route that starts from the village’s square and leads to the village Manna and to Trikala.

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