Αρχοντικό κεφαλάρι

Guest house - Ορεινή Κορινθία Αρχοντικό Κεφαλάρι, διαμονή, ξενώνες, ξενοδοχεία

As you enter the guest house “Archontiko Kefalari” you will be greeted in our reception area with our favorite painting hanging on the wall depicting a grandmother knitting, offering you a warm welcome to the village. Take a few minutes to let your gaze wander over all the paintings dating from the 18th century, the particular decoration details, the romantic style elements and the hand painted ceiling harmoniously completing the stone and wood motives and offering a special feel to the space.

You can see our kitchen in the back where we prepare the hand made breakfast for you every day serving it at the monastery dining table under the old mirror.

In the back of the room the traditionally built fire place keeps the space warm creating a cozy feeling, whilst you can enjoy your coffee or your drinks gazing at the flames and casually chatting. There is a variety of books, magazines, board games, and music CDs that can accompany your stay at the guest house.

You can also enjoy the patio area of the guest house with its traditional water well, taking in the fresh air of the nearby mountain.

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