Αρχοντικό κεφαλάρι

Excursions - Ορεινή Κορινθία Αρχοντικό Κεφαλάρι, διαμονή, ξενώνες, ξενοδοχεία

During your stay at the “Archintiko Kefalari” you have the opportunity to take unique excursions to the nearby area of Mountainous Korinthia. It can also become your starting point for exploring the wider area of Peloponnese.
Nearby you can also visit Lake Stymphalia (8 km), where Hercules, according to the Greek myths, slew the Stymphalian Birds as part of his Labors, the ruins of the Acropolis of the Ancient Stymphalos, and the Venetian Monastery Zaraka. And you may also enjoy the New Technologies Environment Museum of Stymphalia which was recently built, the delightful view of the lake, or even indulge in birdwatching. It is also possible to take a relaxing bicycle ride around the lake.

There is a scenic route to Pheneos (30 km), where you will be impressed by the view of Lake Doxa and the surrounding mountains reflected in the Lake. Make sure you visit the tiny church of Agios Phanourios, the monastery of Saint George, and don’t forget to try the famous rose petals syrupy sweet you will be offered by the monks. Shop local fresh products from the nearby stalls and feel the magic of nature, going horse-riding around the lake.
Following from there the road will take you to the beautiful village of Gkoura in Mountainous Korinthia, and after that you can visit Tarsos (40 Km), known as the “suspended in midair rocks” of Korinthia, an area famous for its vertically standing rocks where a tiny church is built within the caves.

The famous scenic route of Nemea known as “The Wine Road” will lead you to all the local wineries and vineyards, whilst you can also visit Nemea’s archaeological museum and site with its famous ancient athletic stadium and temple of Zeus. Another route would be to visit Trikala of Korinthia (35 km) a group of villages built on the sides of the Mountain of Ziria, surrounded by a lush forest, and on the snowy mountain top is located an excellent Ski Centre. You can also easily access the Mountainous part of Arkadia and the city of Tripoli through the provincial road that leads to Levidi (80-90 km)

During the summer period you can visit the seaside town of Kiato (25 km) with its beautiful beach of Diminio and the theatre of Ancient Sykion. You can also visit Pefkias of the town of Xylokastro (30 km), a green area by the sea known as the “Green Sea Shore” also mentioned in the famous Kostas Kariotakis poems, as well as Iraion, the famous cape with its lighthouse, the lake of Vouliagmeni (80 km), the castle of Akrokorinthos (50 km), the archaeological site of Mycenae (55 km) and the ancient theatre of Epidavros (97 km). If you wish you may have bicycles at your disposal so that you can enjoy a ride in the lush landscape around you, take deep breaths of oxygen and rejuvenate!

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Distances to near-by locations in Kilometres:

  • Athens – Kefalari 130 km
  • Patra – Kefalari 130 km
  • Kiato – Kefalari 25 km
  • Kefalari – Stumphalia 8 km
  • Kefalari – Pheneos 30 km
  • Kefalari – Tarsos 40 km
  • Kefalari – Nemea 30 km
  • Kefalari – Trikala 35 km